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Last week, it was so awesome to see the community that rallied around @valerial’s cause of raising money for a 3 Day Breast Cancer walk. This week, going in order of who @replied, DMed or commented with a cause suggestion first, our community will support a cause @graubart is passionate about: Here’s a little bit […]

I’ll go out on a limb and say, aside from Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube, etc, the best digital developments in recent years come from the reintroduction of rejected tech. With all of the cutting edge tech at our fingertips, we’re suddenly dusting off nostalgic relics from our geeky past and lol-ing about the absurdity of […]

Here is the result of our Twitter challenge. This was really incredible to see and I’m excited to see this grow next week and beyond. Thanks to all who participated and supported @valerial’s cause. I’ve been attempting to begin to write this post for about half an hour now, and I just can’t seem to […]

Barack-berry. I’m not one to get politically preachy on you, but is (or it should be) common knowledge that the Obama-Biden campaign is one of the most intelligently run campaigns in American history. Sure, their optimistic rhetoric, media darling status and relentless campaigning have served them well. But, let’s talk about their well planned (and […]

Patrick Richardson (@swirlingmedia), Integrated Marketing Manager at Schneider Associates, recently shared some key information with Emerson’s PRSSA that I’d love to pass along to you. In an attempt to liven up our weekly meetings, I asked Patrick to plan something a little more interactive than our usual Q+A session with a PR professional. Of course, […]

Today I tweeted the following idea to my network on Twitter: “What if every Friday our Twitter community elects a charity we’d like 2 support +We all give at least what we’d spend on our morning latte.” As Aaron Dignan tweeted back: Throughout the day, I received similar tweets from a community ready to rally […]

In the digital world, we’ve been talking and tweeting at length about the need for trusted curators. There’s too much content floating around for the average person to sift through and digest. It seems this same trend is hitting the traditional print world. This morning as I went to the newsstand and shopped for my […]

Okay, so I’ve been meaning to write a scathing review of’s streaming video player, which I would say is so mind-blowingly awful, I’m beginning to suspect they did it on purpose. I’m serious! On Thursday at 8pm, I had the choice of watching Grey’s Anatomy, The Office or the season premiere of CSI live, […]

It’s happened to all of us.  At one time or another, we’ve all said something to someone we’ve later regretted.  And now, in an increasingly digital age, the opportunity for regret has only grown with the advent of additional forms of communication – instant messages, E-mail, text messages, etc.  But have no fear!  The wonderful […]

Please forgive the low quality of my rather less than professional photographic skills, but I just needed to record this in some way and share it with you –Today on my way home from work I actually saw someone listening to a cassette tape on their walkman. Yes, a cassette. I even saw it as […]