Spotted on the R Train – A WALKMAN!


Please forgive the low quality of my rather less than professional photographic skills, but I just needed to record this in some way and share it with you –Today on my way home from work I actually saw someone listening to a cassette tape on their walkman.

A walkman on the Subway - in 2008

A walkman on the Subway - in 2008

Yes, a cassette. I even saw it as he was putting it in to the device. I know the photo is really bad (imagine trying to take a picture of the man sitting in front of you without looking too conspicuous), but he is holding a walkman.

Hard to see, but I swear it's there.

Hard to see, but it's there.

I guess that the iPod bug hasn’t infected everyone yet. And if there is a supply there must also be a demand.

I wonder if he gets his cassettes from that store in the Upper East Side…

-Maria Garcia


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  1. Yesterday when I was walking near NYU, I saw a guy carrying a CD player. He was holding it up near his chest, like a shield. It was so funny, almost anachronistic these days.

  2. I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I was borrowing my mom’s cassette player as late as last year – to listen to the Cluetrain Manifesto, of all things. I checked it out from the library and all they had was cassette tapes. I guess it goes to show we still have some progress to make.

  3. Allie- you borrowed a cassette player to listen to Cluetrain? That’s considered sacrilege to “the priesthood called IT” :)

  4. I’m still amazed there are cassettes still running around the world.

  5. Tis true. In college, I would go to the public library and check out audio books, and this one happened to only be available in cassette. I bet it would still be available if you went there today.

  6. I bet he gets his tapes through admirers making sexy mixtapes for him.

  7. God bless him. I don’t have any tapes left (because tape technology sucks, and mine ceased to be listenable some time ago) but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I hope he never gets an iPod.

  8. This dude is actually just ahead of his time. Tape players rule! This one is all you Amanda: iPod inside a Walkman body:

  9. 9 Thomas Bailey

    I have over a thousand cassettes, also many VHS tapes and some vinyl LPs. When I was a child, I also had some 45 RPM records and a few 78s, even several 8-track tapes. My cassettes range from the audio portion of TV shows to church services to commentaries on my bike rides. Most of tham are C-120, 1 hour on each side, the longest available.

  10. i so belive that in 2012that will happen so what do you do about it

  1. 1 Sarah Palinks, Gettin’ All Mavericky at Social Honeycomb

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