Mail Goggles: The Impulsive E-mailer’s Secret Weapon


It’s happened to all of us.  At one time or another, we’ve all said something to someone we’ve later regretted.  And now, in an increasingly digital age, the opportunity for regret has only grown with the advent of additional forms of communication – instant messages, E-mail, text messages, etc. 

But have no fear!  The wonderful innovators at Google feel your pain and are making strides to protect you from your dangerous impulsiveness – or dare I say, drunkenness. 

New to Google Labs, Mail Goggles will help prevent you from sending messages you might later regret.  The feature works to double-check that you actually want to send that late-night E-mail by making you solve some simple math problems after you click the “send” button.  Mail Goggles’ default settings make it active only on late, weekend nights, but they can be adjusted to include other times (perhaps also for after Tuesday’s poker night?). 

If Gmail wasn’t at all inspired by AOL’s “unsend” function on this one, I’d be surprised.  In fact, ASL’s very own Sarah Hutton reminisced about it only a few months back in this post.  Back in the early days of AOL when I was 12 years old and the idea of saying something I’d later regret to my middle school crush sent chills down my spine, the existence of the “unsend” button infused in me the confidence I needed to press the actual “send” button.  Knowing I could take it back several minutes later gave me a huge sense of security at a very insecure time. 

Now, years later, people who are a bit too impulsive – or just plain under the influence – will have a similar sense of security.  Unless of course their math skills are sharpened by a few beers.



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