A New Curator for Couture


In the digital world, we’ve been talking and tweeting at length about the need for trusted curators. There’s too much content floating around for the average person to sift through and digest. It seems this same trend is hitting the traditional print world.

This morning as I went to the newsstand and shopped for my Saturday morning stack of glossy magazines (yes, I’m a digital girl who is still in love with the tactile experience of traditional print), I discovered Distill. It’s the print world’s couture curator. It’s the equivalent of hundreds of international fashion mags jammed into a few hundred pages of clipped and annotated editorial.

“As its name suggests, Distill is a distillation of the very best fashion and style editorial from across the globe. We have scoured every magazine – from household names to the most obscure titles – in order to showcase the most inspiring content to stimulate you in your work and everyday lives …” 



Images from Distilldigital.com

-Amanda Mooney


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