My Challenge to the Twitter Community: Every week, let’s rally around a cause and give $5 each to support it


Today I tweeted the following idea to my network on Twitter: “What if every Friday our Twitter community elects a charity we’d like 2 support +We all give at least what we’d spend on our morning latte.” As Aaron Dignan tweeted back:

Throughout the day, I received similar tweets from a community ready to rally around a cause in a really tangible, simple manner. So, seriously, let’s get started this week.

Here’s how this could work:

Every Monday, you suggest a cause you’d like our community to support by sending me a message on Twitter or email, Facebook etc and I’ll post them here on ASL.

From Monday to Thursday, we can discuss and choose the cause we’d like to support that week.

On Friday, I’ll post a link on Twitter to a place where we can donate to the cause and we’ll all chip in $5 or whatever we can spare.

For this week, here are the suggestions I received. Please check all of them out and let me know what you’re most passionate about supporting this Friday.

Via email, my Edelman colleague @ValeriaL in Miami sent me this request to support her goal for raising money to walk in the Atlanta Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk.

“If you know me, then it’s likely you also know I’m a big advocate of the fight against breast cancer. I have been contribution to the Komen foundation and purchasing “pink items” galore since my aunt was diagnosed with the disease in 2002 and passed away shortly after that, due primarily to late detection.

It’s estimated that in 2008, there will be 182,460 new cases of invasive breast cancer among women in the U.S. An estimated 40,480 women will die (American Cancer Society). Breast cancer, as most forms of cancer, is nondiscriminatory and affects women (and men) of all ages and ethnicities. Awareness and early detection can help decrease risk. Research can help us better understand the disease and find a cure.

I’m so honored to be doing this…For myself, my mother, my girlfriends, my colleagues, my fellow women – those thousands of women who this year will find out they have breast cancer and will be scared and feel helpless in the midst of that diagnosis. To them I say, “There is hope.” For as long as there are men and women uniting themselves in this fight, taking strides to spread the word and doing so loud and proud, there is hope indeed.

My personal 3-Day page, where people can make donations is: 
My personal blog can be found at:

Please let me know if you have any questions. And thank you again. Your help means a lot.”

Drop a comment here or on Twitter and let’s select a cause to help out this Friday.

-Amanda Mooney


11 Responses to “My Challenge to the Twitter Community: Every week, let’s rally around a cause and give $5 each to support it”

  1. Fabulous idea. My suggestion would obviously be my favorite charity, the Lance Armstrong Foundation, helping people living with cancer. I think I’ve told this story before, but they were my first PR internship. Part of my job was to answer letters from people touched by Lance & the organization. It was pretty much the most humbling, wonderful experiences I’ve ever had. If you’ve ever wondered why I still wear my yellow wristband, long after the fad has passed, I don’t plan on taking it off.

  2. 2 selina

    Hi Amanda,

    Miss your fabulousness in Boston and NY! I love the idea, and would like to send an idea your way. One of the things I’m passionate about is helping marginalized people, which is why most fundraising mechanisms exist. It’s awesome that the feedback you’ve received is enthusiastic and ready to raise! While so many of the organizations we raise money for are high profile, it would be nice to find some smaller, less known organizations who could really use the help.

    While breast cancer is highlighted in October, I agree with a previous tweet recommending it would be nice to focus this Friday’s on that issue. There’s a fairly new organization based in Boston, named the Staley Foundation (@stales) on twitter, you’ve possibly heard her :). The founder, Alicia Staley is a 3x cancer survivor, who recently underwent a double masectomy, who is amazing and a force of nature. Her goal with the Staley Foundation is to raise money and provide direct support to patients and families dealing with cancer.

    You can find her blog here: and The Staley Foundation website is in pre-launch mode.

    Good luck with this, I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes!


  3. Hi Amanda:

    Thanks for this wonderful idea. I would like to propose helping the International Kids Foundation, from Miami’s Jackson Memorial Hospital. They are dedicated to helping critically ill children from poor regions in the Caribbean and Latin America, who most of the time don’t have the money nor the medical resources to get the help they need. You can click on this link: to read the stories of each of the kids the foundation is trying to help. These kids really need our help.

    Again, thanks for this great initiative.


  4. I’m with Allison, let’s make Friday November 14th a diabetes-related cause.

    My vote is that we donate $5 to Dr. Faustman’s type 1 cure research.

  5. I am with Bernard and Allison: Friday, Nov. 14 (World Diabetes Day) be directed to a diabetes-related cause. Dr. Faustman’s research is a GREAT one to support!

  6. I’m with Allison, Bernard, and Manny. Friday, Nov. 14 will be the day to show our support for World Diabetes Day.

  7. I have a blog post on helping another twitter member who was diagnosed with Leukemia on Thanksgiving and her daughter has a rare form of epilepsy and son has ADHD. She will be in hospital for a month, hopes to get out by christmas. I am going to UCLA hospital next Wed. Collecting donations thru chip in at my blog. Five dollars would be helpful, geting toys r us and grocery store gift cards.

    I am

    planning autism twitter day on Dec 16th

  8. 8 myrna incarnato

    I’m very happy you are paying attention to triple negative breast cancer. I’m 57 years old, mom of two boys, and and the grandmother of 8 grandkids ( one more on the way).
    I went through 4 chemo treatments 4 AC then 4 Tax , once every 3 weeks, then 33 hits of radiation and a partial mastectomy. I was dx in May of 06 and will be at the three year mark soon. For us triple negatives the 3 year mark is like the 5 year mark for the positive breast cancer folks. After everything is done there isn’t any treatment for us since estrogen dosen’t fule our particulare type. It’s pretty scary and trying to keep in a good frame of mind is hard sometimes. Once some one said to me, ” well we all die, heck anyone could walk in front of a truck and second”. That one really ticks me off because with us it’s like wit us ” you know the car is on it’s way and you even know what color it is”, so that statement really is stupid. One other thing that migh help folks who want to lend a hand is to acknowledge folks who are ” ill”. I never felt so alone then when I was at the store and no one would look you in the eyes, or say hello, how are you. Nothing like I wasnt even really there ( I was totally bald and wore a do rag most days). I’m sure this isn’t the right forum but if nothing else to all who read this please say “hello”.

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