Patrick Richardson Visits Emerson’s PRSSA


Patrick Richardson (@swirlingmedia), Integrated Marketing Manager at Schneider Associates, recently shared some key information with Emerson’s PRSSA that I’d love to pass along to you. In an attempt to liven up our weekly meetings, I asked Patrick to plan something a little more interactive than our usual Q+A session with a PR professional. Of course, he was a step ahead of me and had already planned to show The Story of Stuff with Annie Leonard, which, if you haven’t seen, you ABSOLUTELY must. It’s an animated depiction of consumerism that takes an in-depth look at each step in a product’s life cycle: extraction, production, distribution, consumption and finally, disposal. It may might shock you, and might even change the way you view your stuff and personal consumption habits. Needless to say, my usually chatty PRSSA group was speechless!

PRSSA E-board (minus Chris) with My Twitter in the background (lol)

PRSSA E-board (minus Chris) with my Twitter in the background (lol)

In lighter (but very exciting) news, Patrick also shared with us his plans to launch an Association of Integrated Marketing Communications! Check out his new blog, IMC Society, to learn more and join! I think Amanda is already on board, maybe she and Patrick can keep us posted on the news and developments as they arise!

*Also in attendance for Patrick’s visit: @Willwheeler, @hollyfowler,@JackieGoldstein



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