A Word from Ruby Pseudo


Yesterday, I met one of my favorite bloggers who’s behind the site Ruby Pseudo Wants a Word. If you’re not reading her blog already, subscribe and read every post. Seriously. If you want to know what’s going on with my generation, she’s one of the only bloggers who I think 100% gets us.

Anyway, one of the things she said yesterday was, “Brands can’t panic and start shouting about things.” Especially in the digital space, we see brands freak out. In fact most go through a bit of an identity crisis when first entering the digital space- “Will anyone want to be my friend on Facebook?” “Will they get me? Will I get them?” What results is often a ton of flash, crazy language to show that they’re speaking on our level and investment in stupid apps that don’t do anything of value besides take up space on our profiles.

It’s like the parent who suddenly wants to be their kid’s friend and appear to be cool to his or her friends. Instead of being authentic BUT doing so by being really cool and staying true to who they are, they dress like their kid, talk like their kid and freak. out.

Anyway, take a breath. Don’t panic. Don’t shout and be true to who you are. If we like you, we’ll check you out, add you as a friend and start chatting with you. It’s that simple.

-Amanda Mooney


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