Not sure I can even describe it but…


I was lucky enough to be in Chicago last night to see the entire city (and country) go crazy over Obama’s win. I seriously don’t remember an election during my lifetime when I, my friends, my family and my community were so completely ecstatic. 

What was so exciting was proving that the rhetoric about our generation being willing to update our status updates on Facebook to react to the debates, buy a Barack the Vote shirt or friend Obama on MySpace without actually being willing to show up at the polls, proved completely inaccurate. 

Last night, as someone who gave up my TV in an attempt to make good use of the free wifi in my building and get rid of an extra bill, I found myself craving broadcast TV. The pundits I grew up with are hard to follow through delicate live stream connections. I ran into a local bar to catch Obama’s speech. It just didn’t feel the same watching it online. 

Anyway, here’s a little video I caught on election night as Mary Metcalf, Allie Osmar and I huddled in the Edelman Office, looking out over Grant Park as the crowd started pouring in.

-Amanda Mooney


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  1. Wow. Amanda. I’m so jealous. We were following all of the drama this side of the Atlantic and I have to say that London was gripped. Almost everyone I spoke to was supporting Obama and yesterday morning we could all clearly taste the change that was in the air.

    I was following the election night coverage late into the night (until 4.30am UK time) and I used a mixture of three broadcast channels (BBC, Sky News and CNN – the latter of which was being streamed online) but the best channel for me was actually Twitter. I spent the night responding to Tweets from friends and colleagues both here in the UK and over there in the States. It really made you feel part of something. It amplified the hell out of the excitement that emerged from the announcing of the exit poll results. Twitter was ablaze with rumours and commentry – challenging what Fox was putting out there.

    All in all, an amazing election. I can’t belive you were there in the thick of it.

    Hi to all of the Edelman guys and girls.

    And thanks for voting! ;)

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