Jeeze, figure out a better way


I met a blogger at an event recently who said a brand rep saw her blogging about the brand and made a point to say hello. 

The blogger was really impressed… 

Until the rep emailed her back and said, “Oh, and how many monthly readers do you have?”

To which she was too nice (but totally justified) to reply “F**ck off!”

Seriously, no one likes feeling like they’re part of a tally on your impressions report. It would be as insulting as if a classmate asked how popular you were before she decided to be nice to you and get to know you.

Find a better way to work out the ROI of the relationships you’re building. Or better yet, take the relationship you’re building with that blogger alone (aside from the potential readers you might hit), as value enough to continue the conversation.  

-Amanda Mooney


4 Responses to “Jeeze, figure out a better way”

  1. How unfortunate that there’s still all this conversation about how to monetize networks that have no business being monetized to begin with. I mean, the whole draw to social networks is the ability to make connections that are real, genuine, and untainted by outside agendas like interest in ROI.

    I’m often asked, “wouldn’t it be nice if brands weren’t always trying to sell us on something. if there were representatives that we could just bounce ideas off of that may/may not have anything to do with their product, and just have REAL relationships with.”

    Might I submit that authentic brand relationships and ROI are diametrically opposed. I’ll certainly be thinking more of it.

    Thanks for the thoughts!

  2. Damn straight.

  3. 3 skyle

    I’ve had similar experiences and one lunch date, where the guy asked, can you please forward me your resume before we meet for lunch? What-what? NO!!!

    What’s with people? We are in need of serious training for relationships :)

  4. This is especially sad when there are some fast and free ways to figure out the audience a blog has like,,, etc.

    And sometimes your best fans have a tiny audeince. I once sent someone who probably has 10 RSS subscribers a HubSpot t-shirt for saying nice stuff about us. If they love you, it is worth it.

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