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Some of you who follow me may have noticed that my online chatter has quieted down recently. This is unplug image from Google Imagesbecause I have finally, FINALLY moved into a new apartment, one that is NOT an hour away from my new job. Here’s the twist…I’m moving in with these two girls, right? They’re very nice people & we get along & everything about the apartment seems normal…until you realize that these girls have been living there at that apartment without cable and Internet.

And I don’t mean they just moved in & are waiting on the cable company to come out. They’ve been there for months & CHOSE to live this way. Offline. Disconnected. The opposite of being a digital native.

When they first told me this, I didn’t understand. Wait. You mean…no blogging? No updating Facebook? No checking email? No looking stuff up on Wikipedia? No Twitter?? How do you live like this?!

The answer is: I don’t. I lasted exactly one day before I called the cable company & promised them my firstborn child to get them out here. And logically, I know there are people who do live like this. After they get home from work, they don’t feel the need to be tied to everyone they know through cyberspace. They feel like it’s a burden.

I do not pretend to understand these people. You would have been proud if you saw my performance in front of my roommates, acting as if I wasn’t completely shocked & frankly, judging a little, at what they told me. Just call me calm, cool & collected. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t practically hug the cable guy when he showed up.

It’s good to be back.

Amy Yen


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  1. L.O.L Wow, I didn’t know these kind of people existed! So, what do they do with their time??? Read? And more importantly, how do they stay updated on The Hills? Congrats on the new place dude, but good luck with these roommates:)

  2. I have heard about these people. But, my mom is now on Facebook, so there’s that. Is there a generic name or label for these people? I think the laggards are online by now. So that won’t work. Awesome to hear you are back up and running.

  3. 3 nidddles

    Hahahaha that’s hilarious!!! I get the no cable bit, just because most of my neighbors don’t do cable, but the no internet?!?!! that’s unbelievable!!! But congrats on the new place, and I’m sure you’ll survive once you’re online again :)

  4. I lived without cable when we first got married 8 years ago. I did have dial-up internet and Windows 98 though. I now have a 20Mb cable connection and digital cable with on-demand and 40+ channels of high definition content. I realize how uncommon this is when I visit other people’s homes. We have to realize that about 50% of the US population lives like this. I realize that is a shock to people living in Boston, San Francisco, or New York but I am painfully aware of this everyday here in South Louisiana.

    This also exist in our mobile internet options. In most places you could feel lucky if you could get a data connection on your cell-phone let alone one that was 3G. We only got an AT&T 3G network because all their equipment was destroyed during Hurricane Katrina and they replaced it with the latest and greatest. This of course is great if you are an iPhone user but if you want the G-1 from t-Mobile your stuck with 2.5G.

    It’s not that I’m upset or bitter that I live in what some would consider a technology backwater. It’s that sometimes I feel that some of the people in the technology and social media world need to get out of their bubble and see how the other 50% of society live AND tell them why they should move to the other side and get connected.

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