Billions… with a B. Seriously.


I read Ad Age’s Power 2008 list. I’m shocked. I’m new at this but $5+ billion dollars in the hands of just one of the execs on this list? 

It makes me think four things-

1. Wow, our country does spend a lot on marketing

2. All of us in marketing have a HUGE responsibility. We better be using those billion dollar budgets to add a lot of value back into the communities we seek to engage

3. Any marketer targeting my generation, or any generation during this recession really… saying they get us, they know what we deal with and what we want or need, should reinvest 1% of how much is spent on talking to us through advertising into a new form of partnership that allows us to actually get what we need or want

4. This is why I’m in love with Social Vibe‘s model. It’s pretty straight up. Users can partner with major brands to support personal (also think MySpace Music) and community focused interests (any causes we care about). There is real, tangible opportunity for both the brand and the user to deepen engagement in a manner that truly puts budgets like that to work for all involved

-Amanda Mooney


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