Design The World A Coke


When my friend Eric got back from working at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, he gave me a souvenir Coke bottle featuring a rare design that I was obsessed with for days. I had totally forgotten about it until I started working on a Coca-Cola case study for one of my classes andcame upon the Design The World A Coke Website which is heavily featured on Coke’s US homepage. At the site you can actually create your own bottle designs and digitally share them with the world. Coke’s press release says, “In addition to making the brand their own through their Coke bottle designs, consumers can build their own bottle artwork galleries, vote for other favorite designs, and even post the digital creations on their personal Web pages.”


Although the concept was initally a joint promotion between Coke and the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Coke has recently updated its Design The World A Coke site for the holidays, and since I love holidays I thought it would be a really cool virtual gift. Apparently the bottles can also be uploaded to social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace, Friendster, hi5, orkut, and Bebo. Although I still don’t understand how select artists were able to have their designs replicated for production.

Since it’s launch in May, there have been 95,994 bottles designed worldwide. I think it’s a phenominal way to engage Coke drinkers and maximize time spent with the Coke brand It also acts as a measuring tool for the company, since each artist must create an account in order tot participate.




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