FlipSwap Your Old Cell Phone for a NEW Blackberry?


Okay, some of you may know I’m desperate for the new Blackberry Storm. But with a few months left before my contract is up on my now ancient and ridiculously cracked Blackberry 8703, I’ve been searching for alternatives, even trying to buy a USED Curve on E-bay. (I know, I’m embarrassed). Because Verizon has never had an exclusivity on RIM’s Blackberry before, the Storm is oh so much more appealing, although I will really feel the $500+ pinch if I decide to buy retail.

I’m sure this won’t  me at all because that’s just my luck (That it either Verizon won’t participate or the deal won’t apply to the Storm) but FlipSwap is offering $50 to help pay for your new Blackberry if you recycle your old handset through them. Not in the market for a Blackberry, no worries. You can recycle all of your old cell phones through FlipSwap, who will even pay you CASH or grant you store credit at participating stores just for recycling. FlipSwap’s Web site will give you the run-down of all participating stores closest to your zip code, and even tell you what recent phones were going for. I couldn’t believe that a Motorola Rzr is going for $53 bucks! That’s more than some people actually paid for the handset in the first place.

Of course not every old phone in a digital native’s junk drawer is eligible, but FlipSwap will still recycle your phone for free and even plant a tree in your name just for doing it. Mobile Crunch says:

“Similar to other cash-in services such as Gazelle and VenJuvo, Flipswap estimates an item’s worth based off of the item’s condition and the current market demand. Unlike most of these other services, however, Flipswap focuses almost entirely on cell phone handsets, allowing them to offer payouts on a wider array of makes and models. Of course, they can’t offer up cash for every old cell phone, so don’t expect to turn that cache of ancient Motorola Startacs into gold. Even if they can’t pay you for a device, they’ll recycle it for free (pre-paid envelope included) and plant a tree in your name.”

FlipSwap has already recycled over 733,000 phones! I think it’s such a cool idea and I’m definitely hitting up a local store participant while I’m home over Thanksgiving. I mean, my 13 year old brother already has 3 phones that sit in a junk drawer, which just  to show how quickly people (of ALL ages!) are changing phones and adapting to newer technology. It is so important to find new ways and for consumers to embrace new ways to recycle “old” technology



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