Not. Cool.


Imagine how lame it would be if I showed up at your party and yelled…


“HEY!!! Want to see something amazing?? Want to see something that will blow your mind? [SERIOUSLY COME CHECK THIS OUT]!” 

And then I made you leave the party, come across town to my place to see it.

And when you arrived, you realized that it was some half baked project I was working on.

That’s what it’s like when I’m hanging out in my digital space with friends, you serve up a crazy ad and, when I click on it, I’m redirected to your corporate Web site. 

Do something cool where I’m hanging out already unless you really need to redirect me.

Because, unless there really is something amazing there [and not in that “look at the new flavor we have!” kind of amazing], I’ll be really annoyed and make note… to never trust your ads in the future


Image from M.C. Hank.


-Amanda Mooney


2 Responses to “Not. Cool.”

  1. I HATE when pretty girls approach me at parties, yell that they want me to see something, and they take me home to their place. That just sucks!!!

    Good analogy too. “Tricking” people online like that is just bad business and terrible PR

  2. Tommy- ha:) yeah good point.

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