Were Trapper Keepers a Precursor to Facebook Walls?


I have absolutely no clue why I started thinking about this and I’ll not pretend that this is profound or meaningful in any way but…

It strikes me that I was predisposed to loving Facebook walls back in middle school when I first fell in love with another technological oeuvre, the Trapper Keeper. 


Armed with a fresh stock of White Out pens, my friends and I would plaster inside jokes, greetings and random meaningless quotes all over our Trapper Keepers and proudly display them on our desks during class. Popularity was easily quantifiable by the ratio of White Out space on our binders. 

Today, our Facebook wall is the central canvas surrounding loads of organized and unorganized content that we use to post random thoughts, inside jokes and greetings to friends and assess each other’s relative popularity based on the amount of random conversations started on our page.

Image from here.

-Amanda Mooney


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