The World Will End in 2012, Please Google For More Information


I noticed an interesting note at the end of this teaser trailer for an upcoming movie called 2012, starring John Cusack & Amanda Peet among others:

Note at the end where there usually is a call-to-action to visit the movie’s Web site, should you so please, the prompt says: “Google Search: 2012

At first I thought this was because the producers failed to purchase so they used this as a shortcut to a unmemorable URL, but upon actually Googling 2012, you get extensive results about the ancient doomsday predicted by the Mayans to occur in 2012. The first search result referencing the movie, its IMDB entry, shows up “below the fold,” fourth from the end of the first page. Digging a little further, the movie itself does not appear to have its own Web site at all, besides the page designated by its production company, Sony, which does not appear in the first five pages of results for the term “2012” (it’s on the second page for “2012 movie”).

The teaser ends by asking the viewer to “Find out the truth” by Googling for these results, yet does little to actually promote the movie directly, suggesting a more interactive approach to try to get people into the whole conspiracy/controversy about the 2012 doomsday. I thought it was interesting they used organic search results, which appear not to be related to the film or planted by its producers, as part of an experiential marketing campaign.

Of course, it seems like people who might be curious enough to look at the search results would probably actually spend time looking at third party sites about our impending doom…and forget all about your movie. I’m just saying.

Amy Yen


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  1. The same teaser piqued my curiosity over the weekend. I just googled 2012 again and in the adwords results saw an item for: & 2012
    How Will Governments Prepare Us
    For The End In 2012? They Won’t.

    The interesting part of this item is the “How will Governments. . .” verbiage was used in that teaser. If you go to the IHC site, you can register for a lottery number. Not much happens after that. A whois search for shows Sony is behind it.

    Now, if I wasn’t looking for the marketing behind the movie, I’m pretty sure I never would have noticed the ad and, if I had, I doubt I would have clicked through and registered for a lottery number.

    WIll be interesting to see how far they go with this.

  2. @sawinkler That’s very interesting, I saw that ad. I was looking for a site sponsored by Sony in the natural results, but didn’t click on the paid result. Would be interesting to see how the IHC thing plays out…it reminds me a lot of some of things Lost & Heroes does with ARGs like Octagon Recruiting & Primatech Paper.

  3. 3 Chris marthini

    Its kind of nice to know that people are taking it seriously or at least not just blowing it off. ilearned about 2012 in the 6th grade and have kepped a look out for other facts thoughts etc. since then. history channel is starting to get real indepth a bouight it. i’ve noticed that they always where unbiased and presented the facts as it is while making it interesting, but recently i’v noticed that there is a certain level of sincerity and even a little urgency. but only when related to “the end.” i try to tell people but some dont listen and others dont believe or want to beleive. ive given up and started working out and saving money for weapons, and reading lots of books that might benefit me. but i’m not dumb. just because i belive it doesnt mean i’m not still going to school to be a lawyer. just in case…(snicker)

  4. 4 maria

    The same teaser piqued my curiosity over the weekend.

  5. Apparently as the release gets closer they are looking to ramp things up a lil .. they have added the whole the government will abandon you enter our lottery line to thats what got me looking to see who was behind it .. i didnt believe it could actuallly be for real! and so i was right!

  6. 6 Bobby

    First of all, 2012 is not the end of the world. Second, the IHC website was put on the internet THE DAY the trailer was released. It is a bunch of bull- ****. Search in any of the stuff on the movie and you will see the IHC was a promotional thing. Second, Myspace does not promote anything BUT movies on the main page and tv shows. So, it is a lie.

  7. Yeah, I saw the same thing and was very curious. Thought the “lottery” was some sort of crazy Christian thing that was going to say you have to accept Jesus to survive in 2012. I signed up out of curiosity…..some sort of experiment conducted by them? Reminds me of the BioSphere.

  8. 8 JESSICA


  9. 9 JESSICA

    and i clicked the terms and conditions on the bottom of the page and it took me to sony productions! wtf?

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