Um…Wolf Shirts, Lisa Frank and the New GMail Design Aesthetic?


It bugs me that the new GMail themes…



…strangely remind me of the design aesthetic made popular by…


This is of course not helped by the fact that one of the themes is actually called “Phantasea.

If this is any indication of Google’s design sense, I’m betting that the next iteration of these themes will look a little like…


For now, I’m sticking with classic. U?

Iconic wolf howling at the moon shirt image from “Jewels and Treasures” and Lisa Frank image from here.

-Amanda Mooney


2 Responses to “Um…Wolf Shirts, Lisa Frank and the New GMail Design Aesthetic?”

  1. I don’t see the point of Google themes. They go from lame to busy and confusing, with nothing in the middle. None of them are aesthetically pleasing and remind me of default powerpoint templates. Sticking with Classic for now…

  2. 2 Lilly

    Where can you get this shirt?

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