Disconnected for Thanksgiving


If I was home for Thanksgiving, I would have loved seeing all of the turkey-related Twitter updates, Facebook statuses, blog posts and Flickr photos posted by my on and offline friends. If I was home for Thanksgiving, I would have joined in as I did last year and would have marveled at how great it is to share the holiday with thousands of digital neighbors as I enjoyed it with my family of four, +two cats and Prince Mooney (my dog, who’s consequently the best dog in the world) in Hampden

But having decided that my first year out in Chicago and two or so weeks away from my Christmas vacation, that it didn’t make sense to fly home for this short holiday, I spent the holiday connecting with my family via phone and my friends via Facebook, Twitter etc. And I felt, through all of this, the incredible shortcoming of digital. 

I can’t follow the status updates about my friends in Boston gathering for a day of pajamas, chinese food and ATNM reruns; I can’t get a holiday forward Thanksgiving joke email from my family (which are as potentially dangerous, ubiquitous and endearing as a Christmas sweater given to you each year by a well meaning aunt or grandparent) without wishing I was there to enjoy the day with them in person. 

So for most of the day I logged off (until now actually). Social networks are minefields for the nostalgic. I escaped with a little Sedaris, John Adams and old copies of Vogue in between intermittent phone calls from family.

The Web keeps us perfectly connected but on days like this doesn’t it just make you crave the ability to log off and enjoy family and friends offline?

-Amanda Mooney


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