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A few weeks ago, I told  you that, For a Heavy Does of PPT, I Prescribe Pandora. I was in the middle of several deadlines, building deck after deck for presentations and new biz and relied on a constant stream of new tracks to keep my mind fresh. Tonight I created part one of a […]

I love this quote from @RickMurray‘s Christmas List of 9 things he’d like to see happen in 2009: “Youth and the young at heart will prevail. This will be true in business and life. If you think today’s world is just for geeks and kids, then you are about to get your lunch handed to […]

I know lots of students read this blog…and I’m sure lots of very frustrated students read this blog.  Finding a job is never easy, especially now.  Here is a great article by John Boyd: Using social media to find a job in a down economy Get involved in the conversations happening around you, and you […]



As a digital kid, and apparently part of the most annoyingly coddled generation, I fully believed that I’d become a YouTube star when my crappy video [in which I talked about my lunch, pouted my lips and shifted my eyes a few times to show off my disaffected digital hipster appeal] reached 1,000,000 views. I […]

A classmate once asked me, “So I know I should quit Facebook because my boss can see my profile… but I can just put all of those photos on Flickr, right? That will be safer?” To which I replied, “Um… no. Not at all. Sorry:)”   As funny as this Jake and Amir video is, […]

“We’ll decorate it and it’ll be just right… Besides, I think it needs me.” C. Brown Recently, I took an easy jab at a sad social networking site that’s seen better days (pre-MySpace/Facebook world domination). In my holiday unofficial OOO message (OOO is “out of office” for anyone who’s not pretentious enough to understand and […]

Finding an apartment is probably one of the most stressful experiences college students and young professionals face entering the real world. What to look for, what neighborhood to live in, means for transportation, proximity to school or job, etc. Over the years numerous sites such as Craigslist, and even now Facebook’s Marketplace, have sprung up […]

I guess when it comes down to it…advertising is all about grabbing the consumer’s attention.  What better way to do that then…wait for it…branding it on your eyelids.  The website  is offering models on a PPW (pay per wink) basis to put their URL on the model’s eyelid.  I think I’ll stick with a T-shirt […]

For one of my final projects, some classmates and I were asked by Doug Quintal (@bugsyph1) to come up with a creative strategy for Apple’s new MacBook. While going through the Zag process we came across the question, “what would you add or subtract?” The add part, no problem! The subtract part? WHAT? Apple has […]

Ok so after writing far too many posts about: Cassettes Walkmans [Walkmen?] TalkGirls etc. I’ve noticed that I’m a digital hipster. I’m as infatuated with rejected tech as any hipster loves plaid, leggings, novelty shirts, big glasses, Raybans and sequence.  Image via one of my favorite style blogs, Hipster Musings. -Amanda Mooney