Before We Had Facebook to Distract Us Between Episodes


Searching for an old Yikes ad (for a post I was thinking about writing after seeing Kyle’s tweet), I discovered ScorpioNostalgia’s channel on YouTube. It’s incredible. The channel is filled with old ads (circa ’90’s) from network and cable TV. It’s funny to watch this video of Nick ads from ’93 (I was 8!) and remember a simpler time in marketing, pre-Facebook, pre-Club Penguin, when these ads seemed as entertaining and captivating as the shows themselves. They had our full attention.  Enjoy. (*The Yikes ad, for your viewing pleasure, is about 2:15 minutes in)

-Amanda Mooney


5 Responses to “Before We Had Facebook to Distract Us Between Episodes”

  1. NICKELODEON MAGAZINE!! I couldn’t ever get a grownup to call.

    Very curious to think of what today’s <10’s will be waxing nostalgic for in 10-15 years. Club Penguin will certainly be very hilarious ha

  2. Kyle- yeah I could never get my parents to call either. I was always jealous of kids with a Nick subscription. My parents were more into having us read National Geographic as I remember.

    And I’m thinking Webkiz will be that gen’s Tamagotchi:)

  3. Wow! That’s funny. It’s crazy how much times have changed. I graduated High School in ’93 and remember watching those commercials during Saturday morning “Saved By The Bell” and “California Dream”! I love reminiscing!!

    Thanks for sharing and giving me a good laugh in the middle of the day!

  4. Oh, wow, does this take me back. There was a brief window of my childhood when we had cable, right around 93-94, and I was hooked on Nickelodeon during that time. Let’s see, I would have been 9 when these commercials were on… Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Starter jackets, Yikes pencils… It’s really true- the ads were as memorable as the shows. Now that marketing tends to be so supersaturating, it also tends to be much more forgettable. We are a culture overstimulated.

    The lack of “For more ___________, go to http://www...” was also notable.

    (I found this site doing a Google search for an article in National Geographic about my uncle. So random.)

  5. Laurie, that’s so funny- first how you found ASL and then reminding me about starter jackets:) What article was your uncle in? Link here if you find it so we can all check it out.

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