It’s hard to hear what you’re saying because all of the digital kids are shouting



Did you know that Web users under the age of 22 (eeeeek I’m suddenly a few weeks out of that age bracket– but I’ll be a digital kid forever!!)…

create half of all of the content and conversation that’s on the Web

Also good to know: The Web is the #2 resource for customer support resources, just behind user manuals but certainly ahead of calling a manufacturer. And considering how most of us never find manuals ultimately satisfying in our quest for answers, that means that most of your customers…

1. Are looking for answers on the Web (i.e. I’m asking @richardatdell or another resource online)

2. Are not calling your 1-800 number. 

Wondering if creating solid CRM platforms on the Web (and think non-traditional because we don’t want to visit the FAQ section of your Web site either) is given as much time, attention, funding and manpower as you invest in your 1-800 system.

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-Amanda Mooney


3 Responses to “It’s hard to hear what you’re saying because all of the digital kids are shouting”

  1. Amanda, not quite sure what you are asking?

    Are you asking me if my experience/information leads me to conclude that “most of your customers…Are looking for answers on the Web” to issues and answers about how to use their computers/phones or whatever it is? You are asking me if customers cant find manuals and the FAQ’s are less than helpful so customers are scourinig the web for this info?

    I do know that in our Community Forums we recently introduced “accepted solutions”. You can learn more about that on Direct2dell…essentially customers share solutions or teach other tips and tricks. When your question is answered with something that works, you indicate it is an “accepted solution”. These will rise to the top of search in the forums, making it easy for customers to find answers to the kinds of questions you mention. Its been a tremendous and hugely popular success.

    Beyond that, I am not really an expert in search, so not sure I am qualified to comment about what the trends are in terms of people’s web use, generally. However, when it comes to the “social web” and conversations, Technorati tells us that most people are blogging to “speak their mind, share their expertise and connect with like minded people.” My experience would support that, generally.

    Hope that helps

  2. :) Richard, I was actually just making the general statement that instead of calling a 1-800 number, I’m now just going to find people like you online and ask my customer service questions to you directly. Used you as an example because you’re such a great one. Thanks for such a thoughtful response though! Yet another example to prove how you’re changing the game.

  3. always listening and happy to help :-)

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