For a heavy dose of PPT, I prescribe Pandora


This weekend, I’ve been working on a few PPT decks for work and mapping out a lot of digital strategy- (how crazy and exciting is it to have projects at 23 where I’m asked what my vision for digital is in the next few years).

Aside from free coffee courtesy of our well-stocked office, the company and Christmas music DJ stylings of @marymetcalf (who will be joining the ASL team!!!!), what’s kept my brain fresh all weekend is a heavy dose of new Pandora stations. I thought I’d share a few of my new favorites that might help you as you work through the craziness of pre-holiday new biz and campaign launches and wrap-ups:

Love these stations:
Wax Taillor
Mbira Beat
Akiko by Guitar- or just the general Guitar station
Nina Simone (for work that extends into the late winter night)
Horse Feathers (for early morning. Goes well with a cup of hot cocoa and RSS reading)
Dustin O’Halloran (when you’re reeeeaallly pensive about what the future will bring)
Cat Power (for late afternoons)
+And a heavy dose of all of the Pandora Christmas stations for Friday night work when I’m thinking about how great it will be to go home to Maine for the holiday to hang out with my parents and brother, spend a week in my pajamas and do nothing but look at glossy magazines with my mom and play Jeopardy with the Mooneys:)

What are your favorite stations? Drop them here. I love discovering new ones.

I’m posting my favorite songs I hear on these stations on my Facebook page via iLike wall posts. Add me as a friend if you’d like to follow my specific picks.

-Amanda Mooney


3 Responses to “For a heavy dose of PPT, I prescribe Pandora”

  1. I’ve lately been rotating between Pandora, Last.FM, and Blip.FM, but Pandora was the first music recommendation service I used, so we go a while back. I may have to try out some of your stations. =)

  2. Pandora is my favorite.

    And I’m so excited that Mary is joining. Can’t wait to see!

  3. Thanks, Amanda. Been using Pandora for a while but I needed a kick in the ass to try new things;)

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