A Post of Absolutely No Substance; Sheer Eye Candy from a New Site I Love


I’m being a recessionista and playing with Polyvore instead of actually buying the clothes I crave right now. (And yes, I’m fully aware that I assume a lot of risk actually writing such a fluff, confectionary term like “recessionista” in a post. Unsubscribe if you wish- I wouldn’t be able to hold it against you:). Here are three sets I created:

What a fun site. It made me think about how dangerous this could have been for me if it was around when I was growing up. Instead of just playing with classic Barbie, I’d be one click away from creating (and purchasing via parents’ CC) my favorite looks. And I don’t remember Barbie ever coming with Vivienne Westwood patent leather shoes.

Thanks to Maura for turning me on to this. In fact, Maura’s own site is fantastic eye candy as well.

-Amanda Mooney


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