Tired of Craigslist? Try MyApartmentMap.com


Finding an apartment is probably one of the most stressful experiences college students and young professionals face entering the real world. What to look for, what neighborhood to live in, means for transportation, proximity to school or job, etc. Over the years numerous sites such as Craigslist, and even now Facebook’s Marketplace, have sprung up to help people find apartments via the Web. Since, I’ve heard countless stories about bogus Craigslist postings, false advertisements, rat invested apartments, not in the correct neighborhood, too far from the T, etc.

Hopefully MyApartmentMap.com has a solution for this! By using a combination of classic maps, Google Street View, and publicly available apartment listings, MyAprtmentMap.com has created a unique way to search for your perfect apartment. The site features listings from acrossmymap the country, searchable by city and state. It was started by a Suffolk University student, Ian Reardon, who has continued to add new featured in order to optimize user searching ability since it launched last year.

Ian has been insistent on creating a virtual apartment shopping experience, allowing users to virtually visit the site of potential apartments without leaving the comfort of their current home.

“My Apartment Map is unique because it allows users to extensively research prospective apartments without the need to visit the actual location.  Users can now look around the neighborhood with Google Street View and see what amenities are nearby on Google Maps.  This will prevent users from wasting valuable time looking at apartments they would not rent.”

I’m not sure how many users the site currently has, or if there have been many success stories. It is basically like a listing aggregator, as when apartment links are clicked on, it brings the user to the original listing. However, under the listing on MyApartmentMap.com, there are four

Google Street View

Google Street View

options: 1. view on map, 2. street view images, 3. save listing, 4.e-mail to a friend. Ian is hoping the big draw will come from Google Street View:

“Google has expanded their coverage of Street View in the past few weeks which has allowed Google Maps mashups like My Apartment Map to really exploit this functionality for the first time.  You can now look around the neighborhood and narrow down the number of apartments you have to actually visit.”

I definitely recommend this site to apartment hunters everywhere in the U.S. The interface is easy to use and searching is actually fun!



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  1. A friend of mind came across this site recently and used it…overall, she was happy (found what she was looking for in the end) except that a couple of apartments weren’t updated after they were already rented.

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