Good Grief Friendster. In the Spirit of the Holiday…


“We’ll decorate it and it’ll be just right… Besides, I think it needs me.” C. Brown

Recently, I took an easy jab at a sad social networking site that’s seen better days (pre-MySpace/Facebook world domination). In my holiday unofficial OOO message (OOO is “out of office” for anyone who’s not pretentious enough to understand and appreciate unnecessary office acronyms), I said that if anyone needed to reach me over my vacation, they could email, call and find me on any social network…with the exception of Friendster. My officemates and I had our laugh but when @elysabeth asked via Facebook status message why I was being hard on the little-SN-that-couldn’t, I realized that in the spirit of the holiday, I should open my heart to the site I’d so coldly written off.

Oh Friendster. I was too young and pre-occupied with AIM to appreciate you during the height of your popularity. You’ve become the Tara Reid of the social networking world. She and you hold the not-so-coveted distinction as the punchline for your respective industries. This xmas, I’m taking a note from Charlie Brown. 


Instead of spending a thousand hours on Facebook, I’m going to take you into my digital kid heart. I’m going to catch up with your new features, your new members and really give you a second (or first?) chance at being part of my online life. 

What other sites deserve and need a little love this holiday season?

Image via here.

-Amanda Mooney


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