As a digital kid, and apparently part of the most annoyingly coddled generation, I fully believed that I’d become a YouTube star when my crappy video [in which I talked about my lunch, pouted my lips and shifted my eyes a few times to show off my disaffected digital hipster appeal] reached 1,000,000 views. I thought I was set for a cushy life of endorsement deals and noncelebrity.

And then Jason Kincade broke the news to me: YouTube now lets me see beyond video plays. I can now see unique video plays. 

That’s when I realized that my helicopter mom had pushed play 999,999 times on my video. I’m really only famous to one guy who was searching for another noncelebrity [with slightly better lunch stories, pouty lips and shifty eyes who had actually garnered the notoriety needed to convince Nokia to pay for her stupidly expensive phone bills] and happened to find me instead. 


Guess I better take my party photos off of Facebook, set up my LinkedIn profile, get serious and find another career path. 

-Amanda Mooney

[Disclaimers: ok so this didn’t really happen, this is a cool feature from YouTube and nope, Nokia’s not a client but competitor Palm is. Also, image above is from here.]

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