“Think like a geek and act like a kid”


I love this quote from @RickMurray‘s Christmas List of 9 things he’d like to see happen in 2009:

Youth and the young at heart will prevail. This will be true in business and life. If you think today’s world is just for geeks and kids, then you are about to get your lunch handed to you by geeks and kids. Think like a geek and act like a kid. It’ll keep you young (and in business).”

Find his full predictions here and here.

-Amanda Mooney


2 Responses to ““Think like a geek and act like a kid””

  1. 1 meagan fish

    Amanda, thanks for posting this–“think like a geek and act like a kid”– amen.

    I went on to read the rest of Rick’s predictions and I now know what I’m striving to become, a CDO (chief digital officer). This line resonated with me:

    Social media is about social, not media; it’s about people newly empowered and excited by technology; not the technology itself.

    Looking forward to more excitement in ’09. Happy New Year!

  2. Amanda & Meagan… Thanks for the shout out on the Christmas list posts. Happy New Year to you both. RWM

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