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Here’s a quick, ridiculous little chat with @marymetcalf @meghoward and K.Riley from our Saturday work day. Seriously, with Mary, Meg and Karen +Mariah Christmas tracks, @arnomayorga hanging art in the office and free hot cocoa and coffee courtesy of our well stocked office, I am starting to really like being at the office on the weekend.    Disclaimer: K.Riley […]

YPulse asks, “Are Tween Bloggers the New Child Stars?” I hope not. And Tavi deserves better than being compared to Candace Cameron [who’s apparently having some sort of comeback considering she’s oddly on the cover of US Weekly this week. Slow gossip week with Britney back on track I guess.] And although in my post here I admitted that […]

I’m getting this VHS training series for all of our ASL writers for xmas so we won’t be left behind when our friends and family go to “technology heaven.”    PS. Did you know that this thing called “the internet” can be used for: 1.Sports scores 2.Chatting with women 3.Taxes 4.Football scores 5.Chatting with men […]

I spend a thousand hours a week on Facebook… GMail’s always in the next tab over… on my walk to work it’s my phone in one hand browsing last night’s tweets and my iPod in another listening to a TED video to get my head buzzing with ideas for the day. I saw this on […]

I’m being a recessionista and playing with Polyvore instead of actually buying the clothes I crave right now. (And yes, I’m fully aware that I assume a lot of risk actually writing such a fluff, confectionary term like “recessionista” in a post. Unsubscribe if you wish- I wouldn’t be able to hold it against you:). […]

This weekend, I’ve been working on a few PPT decks for work and mapping out a lot of digital strategy- (how crazy and exciting is it to have projects at 23 where I’m asked what my vision for digital is in the next few years). Aside from free coffee courtesy of our well-stocked office, the […]

-Amanda Mooney

This Wednesday, I will leave for NYC. I will be staying there for three days. Joe at DDB invited me to work at the agency for a day and on Friday I will be meeting with Richard Edelman. I am so excited but really nervous. I wrote this in an email to a friend in March, 2007. At […]

Did you know that Web users under the age of 22 (eeeeek I’m suddenly a few weeks out of that age bracket– but I’ll be a digital kid forever!!)… create half of all of the content and conversation that’s on the Web?  Also good to know: The Web is the #2 resource for customer support resources, […]

Searching for an old Yikes ad (for a post I was thinking about writing after seeing Kyle’s tweet), I discovered ScorpioNostalgia’s channel on YouTube. It’s incredible. The channel is filled with old ads (circa ’90’s) from network and cable TV. It’s funny to watch this video of Nick ads from ’93 (I was 8!) and […]