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I spent the morning huddled in a coffee shop reading random magazines. It’s like detox after a week of scheduled, linear thinking. Anyway, I came across this quote from an article in Dansk… Of course the article was in reference to the Canal Street-esque copies that stem from ChanelLacroixVuitton. But it was a statement I […]

Metcalf, Mary [2: 07 PM]: i love my right click button Mooney, Amanda [2: 08 PM]: and num lock Metcalf, Mary [2: 08 PM]:the two most under appreciated computer functions Oh, and can I mention that this was part of an extensive IM conversation we had… even though we’re cube neighbors. Classic. BTW, I stole […]

A whole new generation of digital kittens are born each year. They’ve grown up in a crazy new world in which Cute Overload has usurped (yes, usurped!) Cat Fancy as the voice of kitten news, their party photos are plastered for all to see on Lolcats and they’re regularly featured in the latest books from […]

I first studied George Lois in college. I always thought he was one of the most interesting figures on Madison Ave. My professor actually worked with him in New York and his stories only heightened my interest. Anyway, this weekend I started reading his new book George Lois: On Creating the Big Idea. Here are […]

I hate the way your links open in a new window. I understand why you do it, and I’m flattered you hold me in such high regard that you don’t want to see me navigate away from your site, but really: I know how to use command+click, and sooner rather than later the flattery wears off […]

Oh wow. This is so true. Via Britt verbatim. “They only want you when you’re 17, when you’re 21 you’re no fun Me: i miss pre-laguna, pre ss16 mtv, as sad as that is to say  since it wasnt that great  Arianna: true!  i guess i just miss being easily amused and the target age for everything  Me: same  […]

So I just started writing for the Ruby Pseudo blog. I’m so flattered to be writing with such cool kids on the blog and the incomparable Ruby P. Anyway, here was a little interview Whatthehelle did with me to introduce me on the blog.  So what d’you do?  That’s kind of up in the air at the […]

Background image I used for this from here. -Amanda Mooney

Incredible and yet another example of why I’m completely, head over heels in looooove with Flickr and the awesome people who fill the site with these kinds of photos. -Amanda Mooney

Great stats via Mobile Youth. -Amanda Mooney