Sorry, I have to be honest on this one.


Pleeaaase stop. Ennnnnnough of this nonsense:


This is how some people are really mapping out their “twitter strategy.” I’m not linking to the blogger who orignially posted this because I don’t mean to call them out. Maybe it works for them. But for me, thinking of social networks and particularly Twitter in this manner COMPLETELY SUCKS THE LIFE OUT OF THEM. I didn’t join the network so I could read your automated tweets based on a schedule, strategy and editorial calendar. I understand the intentions this blogger had and respect that she was and is helpful to a lot of people on the Web. BUT, I’d rather see someone (or a brand) not tweet at all or just post when they really have something that grabs them, that they can’t help sharing or responding to. 

For that matter, don’t blog like this. don’t use Facebook like this. don’t sign up for any social network armed with an editorial calendar. I’m telling you, we’re hanging out and chatting in these spaces as real people and real people don’t think, talk or respond to this kind of stuff. 

It’s funny, I was just chatting with my friend Andy about all of this nonsense. Especially complaining about all of these people posting recently about why they aren’t following you on Twitter and how you can win them over by being “authentic” and “personal.” Yes, we get it. Thx.

Let’s not be such a slave to a network that we think we have to map out our interactions like this OR think we’re so above them that we will write entire posts about our follow and friend policy. If you’re on the ledge and about to write one of those posts, turn OFF your computer, go outside for a walk and have a real chat with your friends (and the real kind. the ones who don’t think you’re a “thought leader” but support you nonetheless) . It’ll help you regain perspective. 

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4 Responses to “Sorry, I have to be honest on this one.”

  1. A-fuckin’-men!

  2. Amanda –

    Thanks for the thoughts, but you cannot flippantly dismiss the creation of a 2009 Strategic Microblogging Implementation Manual and expect life success! Mine currently reads like a Clancy novel and will enthrall the Twittersphere with properly placed meme hijacks and timely reminders for other non-informed Twitter residents…

    Sorry, I was unconscious for a minute. A Steve Hall refrain: A-fuckin’-men!

  3. Damn right! I doubt people would lead their offline lives this way.

  4. Mhm, very good point, Amanda. I hate getting auto responses like, “Thanks for following! Check out my site.” It works in the opposite way – I’d rather get a real message from someone and then I’ll check out their profile page/blog/whatever.

    Twitter is a “social” network, with emphasis on social. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with using social media to help with publicity/groundswell. But if someone has the attitude you described going into it, then maybe it’s not the best platform for them.

    Well done (as always). =)

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