More New Year’s Nostalgia and My Love for Animoto


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I am in love with animoto. Here’s another video I just created to take some of my random Flickr photos and give you a little wrap up of my year.

In 2008 I graduated, I said met a ton of amazing people (online and off), I said goodbye to long time friends and hello to the new ones I met as I moved from Boston, to NY, to Chicago (in one crazy week I decided to shift my life and move here)… I started working at Edelman… A thousand things happened this year and I hope 2009 is as incredible. It’s a seriously good time to be a twentysomething digital kid.

Thanks to all of you who were a part of it and followed our ASL crew’s adventures on this blog. 

Here are some of the people who are in this video and have something on the Web that I can link to: Meagan Fish, Laura Nelson, Maria Garcia, Steve Hall, Amy Yen, Will Wheeler, Sarah Hutton,  Amanda Gravel, Steve Garfield, Dmitri Gunn, Zach Braiker, Patrick Richardson, Markus Wagner, Martin Stemeseder, Dominick Zotti, Sebastian Heinzel, Lea Hajner, Bernhard Lehner, Josef MantlMarshall Manson, Todd Van Hoosear, Nathan Burke, Brian Solis, Laura Fitton, Selina McCusker, Dan Patterson, Lindsey George, Mary Metcalf, Allie Osmar, Annie Flowers, Kristina Van Doorn, Kasia Wyser-Pratte, Carla Dabis, Arno Mayorga, Phil Gomes, Leticia Gomes, Olga Rasulova, Clay ShirkySimone Broeker. Leah Jones, Jim Kopeny, Meg Howard.

-Amanda Mooney


7 Responses to “More New Year’s Nostalgia and My Love for Animoto”

  1. Nice job with the video and nice memories.

  2. Nice video (specially the music choice)! I’ve got to check out animoto :-)
    Happy new year!

  3. So many things happened in one year for you. Now just imagine what a lifetime coud bring? Great video, Amanda. Cheers to many more memories to chisel in the sculpture that is your life. A little corny I know, but such is my nature.

  4. 4 Will

    Great job as always, this is amazing. I need to give animoto a shot!

    What a year it was! :)

  5. I <3 that video. It was definitely some year. Glad I was part of yours! :)

  6. wow.. never thought it could be so easy..

    your videomemories are awesome

  7. THIS ROCKS! Miss you so much thank you for doing this!

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