This Continues to Make Me Laugh



My technology is needy. Pandora asks me, “are you listening?” and Netflix goes to great lengths to impress me, constantly checking in with “Do you like this? Please rate.” 

Yes Pandora, I’m listening. Sometimes I’m just not actively listening. I accept your apology.

And Netflix, no I don’t really like Kindergarden Cop but I appreciate the effort. 



2 Responses to “This Continues to Make Me Laugh”

  1. LOL. I get the same thing from Pandora. They claim it’s because they have to pay for every song they stream you, which kinda makes sense. You’d think a service that can predict and serve up songs you’re pretty much sure to like could build an automatic time out function.

  2. Haha, I absolutely LOVE that Pandora was sort of given a “personality” rather than just churning out robotic messages. It’s definitely a nice touch.

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