“If a brand is going to advertise themselves as hip and youthful…”




Smart words from Sophia via Ruby. Background image used via Sandra.

-Amanda Mooney


One Response to ““If a brand is going to advertise themselves as hip and youthful…””

  1. I’ve never understood why fashion magazines have thought that way. But the term they use is ‘aspirational.’ As in, they want to show us the trends in the original -read, expensive and far too extreme for the Midwest – so we’ll aspire to become that careless with money and uninterested in food – to buy the really expensive stuff that only goes up to size 12. So I was raised to look at that stuff as not real – and do my shopping based on what was actually in the stores at my price range.

    It’s only in the last 15-20 years or so that we’ve actually thought maybe people would buy what was in the magazines – and the malls would have that merchandise for sale too – it used to be relegated just to the top-end departments at Saks and Neiman-Marcus – and only in the last ten years that anyone normal bought a $300 bag (let alone more than one!) In fact, I bought the purchase of a lifetime in 1986 – a bag from Neiman’s that was $175 at the time – and I ran that thing into the ground. I finally gave it a decent burial sometime in the early George W Bush administration.

    These days, I tend to leave the magazines on the shelf and shop from the catalogs that I know are in my price range – and my size range and style. They do a good job of interpreting the trends for my age and size, and budget, and I can spend my time building my clients’ brands – and my tennis game.

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