I’m A Digital Kid, But That’s Not The Point…


TO anyone who says that they don’t get digital, that they have [insert 30+ years here] experience working in the industry but don’t get “what this whole Facebook thing is about,” I always say this…

Yes, our generation grew up online. But for the most part we’re learning on the fly just as you are. And if we’re smart, we’re spending a thousand hours online living this stuff and equally as much time listening to our mentors as they tell us about the business side of our digital addictions to keep everything in perspective.

If you don’t get something in digital, Google it, read a billion posts on it, spend a thousand hours chatting with friends in that network, blog, site…

And use solid common sense and relationship skills. At the end of the day, as eeeeeveryone says in this space, “it’s not about the technology; it’s about the people.” SO if you’re smart, have an ear close to the people you’re looking to reach online, have several hours a night to kill living in the networks, blogs and sites yourself, and are utterly and completely determined to stay relevant for your bosses and your clients, you’ll be fine. In fact, you’ll have a job AND job security even in this economy. 

Yup, we’re in a recession and eveyone’s cutting back but I’m 23, I have a job that I love more than anything and I’m treated incredibly well at work. It’s because I’m a digital kid, yes. But it’s also because I’m an opportunist. It’s because I care about staying current. And it’s because if I feel like there’s something new that I don’t quite get, I get over the inertia of pushing forward to test it out and can’t help but latch on to satisfy my curiosity (or ego). 

It’s that simple. 

And I’ll tell you- in 5 years when Facebook’s old news, I won’t be stuck because that’s all I know. I’ll be addicted to living and understanding the business implications of whatever’s coming next.



One Response to “I’m A Digital Kid, But That’s Not The Point…”

  1. Scientists claim the ability to remain “current” and open to opportunity drastically decreases in men by the age of 30. Cannot find the research, but will forward if located.

    I am attempting to prove this false by reading information that should not logically interest me in search of hybridized ideas. I also shower with my eyes closed, but a longer explanation is required than belongs in the comment section.

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