Here’s Why Most of the Blogs I Read Have Nothing To Do With Marketing


I have a folder for marketing blogs in my RSS feed. I can’t stomach most on a regular basis for exactly this reason:


If this is your world right now- a good fix is to go to Tumblr, and spend a few hours jumping from link to link through re-blogs of random inspiration that might seem completely confectionary at first (glorified picture blogs perhaps?), don’t serve an immediate “what’s my strategy going to be” purpose but ultimately give you enough random bits to remix into an original thought and perspective on the craziness that is marketing. 

Brilliant little comic from the awesome guys at Hubspot.



2 Responses to “Here’s Why Most of the Blogs I Read Have Nothing To Do With Marketing”

  1. 1 Mike Volpe - HubSpot

    I agree. The growth in blogging is great, but the overall conversation universe is too small. We all need to branch out and get fresh ideas, perspective, content and readers. Otherwise we’ll be a kingdom of inbreds. We’re trying branch out a bit at HubSpot, hopefully we can do it well an posts like your will inspire more and more to do the same.

  2. I like the Tumblr suggestion. I need to do that more — more serendipity!

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