You know how annoying and embarrassing it is to see moms and dads dress like teenagers in order to play the cool parent for their kids’ and their friends? 

That’s what it’s like when a brand does a ton of market research about how digital kids think, feel and act online; and instead of being straight up with us and giving us value (virtual goods, real life goods, conceptual brain food, mindless but addictively enjoyable content…) while still speaking in its own natural voice, it starts using a bunch of “OMG”s and “I’d click that” banner ad pick up lines.

Cooooooome on. We know who you are. We know how you usually chat with the public. We won’t suddenly forget last year’s tagline because you’ve shifted gears and suddenly want to speak to us. Don’t fall into the trap most brands have when they enter the digital space and suddenly have a media life identity crisis. 

We don’t need the flash and trash lingo your focus group told you we’re into. Just know what we want and how you can give it to us.



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