A New Digital Kid is Born! Congratulations to @Pamelump!!




Our friend and ASL co-blogger Pamela just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Emmett!! I’ve been so interested to see how Pamela’s tracked the progress of Little Baby Lump online. She created a blog baby book, updated almost everyday for friends and family (online and off), sourced baby name suggestions on Facebook, tracked her belly progress on Flickr, tweeted and updated her Facebook status with daily check-ins…. I actually found out that she was going into labor via her Facebook page. 

Pamela’s going to be one of the best and most interesting millennial mommies to watch and my hope is that as soon as Emmett is old enough to type, he joins us here on ASL so we can see what sites Little Baby Lumps are into these days:)

Pamela, from all of us here at ASL- warm congratulations to you and James. You’ll be amazing parents and we’re all so excited for you!!!

Image from Little Baby Lump on Flickr.


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