The Mysteries of Making Out and Other Great Stories from Mortified



I was watching an episode of This American Life and in one great act, discovered Mortified. Mortified is a show in which adults bravely read from their adolescent diaries. Apparently, founder Dave Nadelberg started this when he discovered “a notably awkward love letter and began sharing it with friends.” I’m not sure how these adults have the courage to bear their angst ridden, budding love-sick teen poet souls for an audience of live, iTunes or site viewers, but I’m endlessly pleased that they’ve decided to do so. 

I never kept a diary as a kid. I tried once, got four pages and two life stories in, and decided that 1. I wasn’t committed enough to keep going and 2. I didn’t trust my diary’s faulty little metal lock and the risk of my older brother finding it and using my soul-revealing entries for his amusement was far too great to justify the payoff that might come documenting one’s own life (When Harper Collins came calling for my autobiography, I could just tell the Cliff Notes version anyway right?).  

Anyway, now my iPod is filled with fantastic little life stories from perfect strangers.

Image via Mortified.

-Amanda Mooney


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