If there was one thing you could tell Facebook…



So I just started writing for the Ruby Pseudo blog. I’m so flattered to be writing with such cool kids on the blog and the incomparable Ruby P. Anyway, here was a little interview Whatthehelle did with me to introduce me on the blog. 

So what d’you do? 
That’s kind of up in the air at the moment. I just graduated from school, just started a new job, just moved to a new city and I’m trying to figure out what to post on my blog…    

How do you spend your time?
Mostly in a green little cube being a digital kid for work. Getting paid to play on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Lookbook, Pandora, MySpace… I’m in love with my work and happily spend far too much time there. When I’m not at work, I’m out trying to learn my new city of Chicago. A few months ago, I was in New York and decided to move here in the course of a day without any knowledge of the city or the people here. After a few months here, I’m still a tourist. This city’s huuuge. I also spend at least 80% of my time exploring random Tumblr blogs and listening to TED and PSFK videos.

What’s the best things about being your age?
Everything is new and everything is a little scary. Fear and that feeling that you want something but you’re not really sure how the system works – how you can get it – that’s incredibly motivating. And pretty fresh out of school, I don’t have any serious roots that prevent me from packing up three boxes, moving to a new city and starting over in the course of a week. And at work, being 23 is an advantage – they treat me incredibly well; they care about my ideas and my experience growing up on the Web. 

You have a completely free day with no commitments or plans, what do you do?
Spend the morning with coffee, RSS and a stack of glossy magazines (I’m crazy about Monocle, Vs., V, Interview, i.D…). Then head out and walk around the city all day with Pandora playing at full blast on my phone. End the day meeting friends for drinks… preferably at Buddy Guy’s.

What was the last great thing you saw a brand do?
Sponsor free music via RCRD LBLPandora and MySpace and allow me to never have to call a 1-800 number for customer service again. Oh and I’m in love with every brand that’s sponsoring Social Vibe

What was the last truly awful thing you saw a brand do?
Won’t mention any names but if you’re spending billions on ads and only invest in having one of your employees actually talking to us in our online hangouts and figuring out how to give us what we want and need, I’m probably not going to buy your stuff or care about your corporate message. Also, the worst thing is a flash and trash campaign. You want my loyalty as a customer but when your campaign’s up, you’ve taken down your Facebook page and the only way I can get in touch is by submitting a question on the feedback page of your Web site, I’m taking my loyalty off the table. If you’ve only budgeted 2 months to be available to our community, we’re only going to give you 2 seconds of our time… at best.

What makes the youth culture in your city stand out from other countries?
I’m not sure about other countries (I need to travel more!) but in the US, Chicago’s the opposite of New York. New York’s youth culture is so obvious. It’s in your face all of the time. I’m really interested in Chicago at the moment because you have to go looking for it. It’s not sitting on every stoop on Michigan Ave. It’s a few train stops away and in these little pockets of the city.

Finally, if there was thing you could tell Facebook, what would it be?
You’re definitely worth 15 billion dollars but I agree with Will… The ‘People You May Know’ bit on facebook is kind of useless. Also, can you tell advertisers NOT to have their ads click through to an external site. I hate being redirected when I’m hanging out in the network.

Image via Helge who was nice enough to read my thoughts and create a cool little graphic.

-Amanda Mooney

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