“who am i if not the target marketing age?”

Oh wow. This is so true. Via Britt verbatim.
“They only want you when you’re 17, when you’re 21 you’re no fun

Me: i miss pre-laguna, pre ss16 mtv, as sad as that is to say 
since it wasnt that great 
Arianna: true! 
i guess i just miss being easily amused and the target age for everything 
Me: same 
people dont care about us anymore 
Arianna: wah wahhh 
Me: lol 
who am i if not the target marketing age? 
Arianna: what is my identity?? 
Me: what *things* define me? 
Arianna: i just want hot boys to say stupid sh** that my classmates unthinkingly parrot 
i want to pretend that i’m above pop culture but secretly relish it to an extent that i won’t be able to admit until i’m older 
Me: i just want to be cool based on appearances and material things 
Arianna: i want executives to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on focus groups that enable them to properly hire a television presenter that i’ll find attractive 
Me: i want my favorite musicians and actors to be endlessly branded, but only for hip things, so i adapt their branding choices as my new favorites 
Arianna: i want young famous people to talk about how much they hate being famous, then get hopelessly, expensively sh**faced on the same night 
Me: i want to go to 18+ club nights with corporation tie-ins to nike and/or scion”

Image via here.

-Amanda Mooney


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