My Favorite Lolcat Takes on Braid and Makes Her Debut on YouTube


A whole new generation of digital kittens are born each year. They’ve grown up in a crazy new world in which Cute Overload has usurped (yes, usurped!) Cat Fancy as the voice of kitten news, their party photos are plastered for all to see on Lolcats and they’re regularly featured in the latest books from O’Reilly like this one from @JSiarto.

Today my brother sent me this video of his and Jess‘s kitten Cleo. Apparently she’s really into Braid for Xbox*.

 I remember when my first kitten in the ’90’s, Rusty Mooney (classic huh?), use to looooooove his cat video on VHS. Oh how times have changed.

Ha- anyway, this is a post of absolutely no substance but Cleo has incredible gaming skills and I thought I’d share. This was also her official debut on YouTube and that deserves at least one (or 10) blog posts.

-Amanda Mooney

(*Oh and I can’t believe I have to write this in my kitten post but FYI, Xbox is one of my clients at Edelman)


2 Responses to “My Favorite Lolcat Takes on Braid and Makes Her Debut on YouTube”

  1. I just had to drop a line and say I love it. I don’t know if it was the cat or not but I like it when she secied to be done with the tV


  2. You are such a great kitty aunt. ahahahahaa

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