My Latest Post for Ruby Pseudo: One Reblog Away from Being Called Out


I spent the morning huddled in a coffee shop reading random magazines. It’s like detox after a week of scheduled, linear thinking. Anyway, I came across this quote from an article in Dansk...

Of course the article was in reference to the Canal Street-esque copies that stem from ChanelLacroixVuitton. But it was a statement I needed to read to ground my perspective as a digital kid.

Just last night, I was having a chat with a friend who didn’t believe in Tumblr. He said it’s just a bunch of kids reposting each other’s content. I, being someone who’s completely inlikelove with Tumblr, defended the platform and its users. But at the end of the day, as much as I love trading random bits of digital inspiration with other Tumblrs, I do sometimes feel one reblog away from being called out as a phony.

In general, it’s tough to hold the illusion that you’re an original thinker, when every other Web sod has already written, posted and reposted the ideas and perspective you think you’re about to share as uniquely your own. As a digital kid, I’m grasping for any random bit of inspiration to claim as my own or remix into my own.

I’ve come to think that even brands must feel this way online. Every brand’s transition to digital propels it into a state of puberty – awkward, painful growth characterized by a desire to copy the cool kids but an urge to stand out as a nonconformist/geek/inspired art kid.

I haven’t figured out what the resolution is and I’m still frustrated by the process of trying to find some way to feel like an individual when the digital world behaves like this, but this little article on “Audacity & Authenticity” helped.

Image from Dansk Honesty Issue.

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-Amanda Mooney


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