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The amazing Mr. Mayorga just emailed me this and it was too good not to share. [Not sure where he borrowed the image from or I’d cite.] -Amanda Mooney

On one hand, we are incredibly transparent and personal. We share a 365 day live feed of our experiences, thoughts, relationships, ideas… At the same time we are all guilty of and take some degree of pleasure in photoshopping our identities. Google “MySpace Angle” or check out how your friends’ well-tailored “Favorite Books,” “Favorite Movies,” […]

I was rereading some of Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s poetry today and a few excerpts from Challenge to Young Poets and Poetry as Insurgent Art resonated with me as a digital kid writing on the Web… -Amanda Mooney

As the 2.0 space continues to evolve, self-proclaimed “experts”, “leaders” and “visionaries” are a dime a dozen. They drop self-serving knowledge on you like a Sensei in a Karate class your Mom made you take. They demand you bow to them and follow their lead, because someday you might be lucky enough to reach their […]



  Via @JuliaAllison BOOMBOX from Ely Kim on Vimeo. The fellow in BOOMBOX, this totally inspired Vimeo performance art, was kind enough to share his playlist. It’s stellar: 001. Heart of Glass / Blondie 002. Jimmy / M.I.A. 003. Deceptacon / Le Tigre 004. Im on Fire / 5000 Volts 005. Je Veux Te Voir […]

This reminds me of a post/itchingannoyancethought I keep having about the Web. We’re trying desperately to find, blog, tweet something original and with a single Google, you notice that you’re about to post something that’s really not original at all. I like this quote from Perks and itsalex. I guess it’s just a matter of […]

Saved, bookmarked, subscribed. A new favorite Flickr feed. Image via F Letter. Amanda Mooney.

Images via Kate Spades’ digital amusement park of a Web site here.  -Amanda Mooney

“I used to suspect that the idea of Tween Culture was an urban myth created by marketers, but now I believe that wherever it’s coming from, it is a real phenomenon. Eight years old appears to be a watershed year for many girls in which they begin to participate in pop culture and also crystallize […]

I promise, I  still show my love for print every Saturday as I devour stacks of glossy magazines with my morning coffee and I’ll never leave print entirely for digital media.  What about you? Image via here. Amanda Mooney