Reflecting Back: One Example of Why I Love Twitter Even If Most of My Friends Aren’t There Yet


There’s a good conversation brewing over on the Ruby Pseudo blog. She’s talking about teens and Twitter (do they use it now, will they ever…). If you know how much time I spend on Twitter, it’s pretty clear that I’m in the camp that loves it as a young person and can’t imagine not having the platform (and yeah, I use my Facebook status like Twitter as well). Anyway, as I posted my response, I thought about why I joined and got hooked in the first place. It reminded me of one of the many crazy experiences I’ve had  that illustrates this perfectly.

I was in my senior year at school. I was a few months away from graduation. I had just accepted a post-graduation job at Edelman. Rick Murray, the president of our Digital team, saw my tweet saying that I’d be in Vienna as part of a vacation/catch up trip sponsored by my friend whom I’d been consulting for. And, in 140 characters, he asked me if I’d join him, Marshall Manson, David Brain, Rubel… in Brussels for Euroblog. They paid for my travel expenses and even invited me to speak on one of the panels. 




I remember calling up @meaganfish and chatting forever about how excited I was. I don’t come from a family where this kind of stuff just happens. In fact, my parents have never been able to afford a trip to Europe (really all travel was a luxury we learned to appreciate) and I was only able to go to Vienna due to the generosity of the company I was working with. On top of that, I was suddenly being whisked off to Brussels and had the chance to spend the day with all of the leaders of the company I’d be joining after college. Again, just one of the many things that have happened during my time on Twitter.

So it makes me think, why wouldn’t a young person (especially a young person just starting out after college like myself) not be on Twitter? I understand where they’re coming from because it was strange entering the site at first, with most of my friends chatting elsewhere, but I would never pass up the experiences I’ve had as a result. 

Drop your thoughts beneath Ruby P’s post. Sure she’d be interested to hear them.


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