UCSD Jumps on the Crowdsourcing Bandwagon



Colleges are now joining the growing trend of branded crowdsourcing. Today, UC San Diego launches AlumnIdea, a platform that allows UCSD alumni to submit ideas toward building a tighter alumni network. Like with sites like MyStarbucksIdea and Dell Ideastorm, other users can vote ideas up or down and the most popular ideas will be implemented by the UCSD alumni association.

Reportedly the first educational institution to use this type of platform as a channel for two-way communication with its constituents, UCSD’s network is closed to alumni only. However, I thought it was interesting that this particular initiative is clearly aimed at reaching younger, more recent graduates through what is quickly becoming a familiar channel.

Personally, I find it far more appealing to be asked for my ideas on how to improve alumni networking than to simply receive a yearly letter (using something called snail mail, which, according to Wikipedia, appears to be an ancient form of correspondence…I believe the Romans used it) asking for my donation. Although, unlike with products like computers or even coffee shops, alumni relations seems like a rather limiting topic. It’d be interesting to see if AlumnIdea can sustain any kind of momentum among its base. Regardless, always good to see schools trying out social media tools & looking for different ways to communicate.

Amy Yen


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  1. Do you mind if I quote this blog in an upcoming podcast. I’ve entered my website for you. I will include a plug in the show notes.

  2. Certainly, no problem at all, Paul. Thanks.

  3. Good write up! I wrote about this on Monday on my alumni relations blog AlumnI Futures. I’ll link to your posting too:


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