Dear MySpace,


I fell back in love with you during the election when you made it possible for a girl like me who’s without a TV to watch the debates live on Impact. You know what would make me and my friends love you even more (and maybe start spending more time on the site which I assume would make you and your advertisers pretty happy)? Move live events streamed online as they happen offline. MySpace hosts a billion events offline a year. I made it to Lolla but I can’t get to all of them and I don’t just want to watch footage after the fact. It would be great if you could simultaneously livestream these events in the network and open up chat for us to talk about them as they happen (maybe we could even throw out song requests for the band?). Our price of admission would be our membership and our commitment to stay active in the network. 

Here’s another idea. When you host one of these big livestreaming parties in the network, give indie bands the mic and let them be the host of the live chat, filtering and responding to questions. Even better, pick cool small indie bands in your network and feature them as opening acts at all of your events and rent out real estate on your MySpace Music homepage for them (for free or super cheap rates) to promote their stuff. Surprise your average band on MySpace by giving them an even bigger stage in the network.

Just a few ideas. Thought I’d ask. 



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