At Risk of Dysentary via Mobile: The Best Part of Computer Class Comes to My iPhone



Oregon Trail was, without a doubt, the BEST part of elementary school computer class. I would rush to finish my home row practice (asdf, reach for the g, reach for the h, jkl) and my speed typing lesson so I could savor 20 solid minutes braving the wilderness and clip art bison and hanging out in the general store (seriously, how much cooler was that store than Urban and Whole Foods combined).

By middle school I was a master of 19th century pioneer life and could out shoot any rogue hunter with my expert command of the space bar. 

So you can imagine how excited I was today when I discovered via Clay Parker Jones and Mr. Angelos that, by some digital miracle (magic?), Oregon Trail… is COMING TO THE IPHONE THIS MONTH. 

Now I’ll have to learn a whole new set of skills and I’m not sure how I’ll fare against the bears, bison and bankers without a space bar and monitor the size of my desk. For the first time, my phone puts me at risk of scurvy and/or dysentery but I’m totally cool with that. Definitely worth it.

Thanks iPhone gods/ Don Rawitsch, Paul Dillenberger, Bill Heinemann and IGN.

Only thing that’s disappointing is that they’ve decided for some reason to take away the clip art and varying shades of green and make the whole thing look a little more “realistic” and “fresh.” Not sure what the problem with a heavily pixilated wilderness is. Digital kids. What’s next? Will they take out some random vowel in the name and call it ORGN TRL 3.0?

Either way, @MaryMetcalf will still be completely jealous when I bust out this app during lunchtime at the office.

Image via here. Poor Nicole- 1848 was a tough year.

-Amanda Mooney

(For the sake of 1,000% disclosure: Palm is a client and competitor of Apple).

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