{And If You Looked At These Facts When You Were Happy}



This reminds me of a post/itchingannoyancethought I keep having about the Web. We’re trying desperately to find, blog, tweet something original and with a single Google, you notice that you’re about to post something that’s really not original at all. I like this quote from Perks and itsalex. I guess it’s just a matter of perception. 

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-Amanda Mooney


One Response to “{And If You Looked At These Facts When You Were Happy}”

  1. Tried to coin this phenomenon as “conforming to non-conformity.” All culture (especially on the web) survives based on user ego (mainly the selfish pursuit of individuality). I sometimes envision a world where each style, proclivity, tweet was required to contain metadata demonstrating the derivative history…really fucking annoying unless you are lawyer or uber dork.

    Interesting thought for Sunday (but obviously not original) :)

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