My Latest Ruby Pseudo Post: Our Identity In Flux and the Role Brands Play


On one hand, we are incredibly transparent and personal. We share a 365 day live feed of our experiences, thoughts, relationships, ideas… At the same time we are all guilty of and take some degree of pleasure in photoshopping our identities. Google “MySpace Angle” or check out how your friends’ well-tailored “Favorite Books,” “Favorite Movies,” or “About Me” sections are truthful, yes, but shape a pretty specific, and usually aspirational image of who they are. Don’t we always mix a little Lady GaGa with Bob Dylan to add credibility to our confectionary and pretty fleeting tastes?

I thought about this again over the weekend when I was reading a book on Richard Avedon. He was quoted saying, “Portraits reveal a truth about who we want to be. We dressed up… we posed… we borrowed… it seemed necessary.” As we reveal ourselves to the Web, we align ourselves with the people, entertainment, content and even brands that tell the right story we want to share.

And I thought about it again when I was flipping through one of my favorite Mobile Youth decks on Slideshare. In it, Graham Brown sums up our generation so well saying our two big asks are, “Help us belong and help us feel significant.”

“Help us belong and help us feel significant” perfectly answers what seems to be the contradiction of our identity online. We want to be a part of a collective and at the same time, completely stand out by publishing our personal mix of experiences and thoughts that can only be uniquely our own and reposting them all over the Web so they’re recognized by at least a small audience.

Anyway, it lead me to create this short little video message to brands. We’re in flux and there’s a huge role that you can play. Don’t underestimate that and don’t take it for granted.

-Amanda Mooney


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