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Oregon Trail was, without a doubt, the BEST part of elementary school computer class. I would rush to finish my home row practice (asdf, reach for the g, reach for the h, jkl) and my speed typing lesson so I could savor 20 solid minutes braving the wilderness and clip art bison and hanging out […]

I was writing on Amanda G‘s wall and suddenly this popped up. Ummmmm…. Facebook, what’s the deal? 1 billion dollars (or at least my undying devotion) if you can guess what this mystery virtual gift will be. I’m thinking it’s part of a gigantic media buy with Victoria Secret.  -Amanda Mooney

This weekend I was reading US Weekly and noticed… in the celebrity feuds section, Ashton Kutcher’s Twitter feed was cited as a source for the story. I wonder how many little mentions in mainstream press like this it takes to drive more of my friends and peers to sign up.  -Amanda Mooney

  Borrowed images from here, here, here, here, here, here and here (in that order). -Amanda Mooney

Dear MySpace,


I fell back in love with you during the election when you made it possible for a girl like me who’s without a TV to watch the debates live on Impact. You know what would make me and my friends love you even more (and maybe start spending more time on the site which I […]

Today I’m going to see He’s Just Not That Into You (from that simple little book that made us all a little too aware of the truth and a little too self righteous to do anything about it.)  Recently, the bold and digital Libby Pigg passed on a little bit of yeahikindofknewthatbutdidn’teverwanttofaceit wisdom as well. As our […]

It’s going to happen so I thought you should be aware. As a brand (or person), when you enter the digital space in the truest sense; when you’ve made a FULL commitment to shift gears and be a part of our world, you will have, without fail, feelings of… 1. Utter and total confusion (HOW […]

Read+listen here. -Amanda Mooney

I remember folding these up in super secret note squares. Now they’re published on Flickr. I’ve been totally captivated by 365 feeds on Flickr. Sharing one photo a day can give you a pretty clear window into someone else’s life and I find it incredibly generous that people share their lives like this online. I […]

Read the whole post here (it’s worth it). See the background image I used for this here. -Amanda Mooney